Oscar Valladares Ciserón Edition

Oscar Valladares Ciserón Edition is the first cigar from the OV Cigar Company that features an Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper, a departure from the company’s typical Honduran tobacco. The cigar boxes also feature five pieces of artwork by Honduran artist Elmer Ciserón Bautista, making the lids perfect for hanging on the wall once the cigars are gone.

Ciserón’s work fits into the Post-Cubism surrealism and minimalist styles of art. He is also an award-winning artist, having won the Julio Visquerra regional painting prize in 1994, as well as various honors from the Honduran government. Each box is designed to be a collector’s item, featuring one of Ciserón’s untitled pieces of artwork.

Production of the Oscar Valladares Ciserón Edition will be limited to 2,500 boxes. It comes in one vitola 6 x 52 Toro.