LH - Claro - 6 x 55 Toro

LH - Claro - 6 x 55 Toro

  • $9.75

Medium Body – Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Wrapper

The Claro has a smooth, sweet wrapper. It offers an inviting pre-light scent of honey. The cigar is firm, and the effortless draw produces floral, toasted and caramel flavors that linger on the tongue.

With initial flavors of maple, the Claro develops subtle pepperiness with tones of almond, walnut and blonde coffee. The construction is solid and the cigar is sweet on the lips. The filler blend develops licorice and pleasingly tart flavors. The cigar develops like a complex Port, and the two would pair perfectly.

* Smooth and firm with a sweet wrapper and medium draw
* Flavors of floral, caramel, blonde coffee, nut, licorice, grapefruit