LH - Maduro - 6 x 55 Toro

LH - Maduro - 6 x 55 Toro

  • $9.75

Spicy, Medium to Full Body – Ecuadorian Criollo Wrapper

The cigar’s immediate impression is of the luxurious cocoa wrapper, with a pre-light scent of dark cherry and earth. The cold draw is easy. Upon lighting, tangy, spicy flavors coat the tongue, soon developing a chocolaty and peppery mix.

An initial spicy kick mellows, maintaining a rich, full body. The complex blend reflects bold coffee, and dark chocolate. Adding to the appreciation of this cigar is solid construction evidenced by holding a long ash.

* Dark and spicy with a strong pre-flavor and easy draw
* Notes of chocolate, black pepper, rye, bold coffee, olive