Toscanello Aroma Vaniglia - Box of 5 or Single Cigar

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Vanilla is nowadays one of the best known and appreciated fragrances in Italy. According to legend, the Aztec emperor Montezuma was the first to offer a European, the Spanish Cortés, a fragrant drink with a particular taste: chocolate flavoured with vanilla. From that moment, despite the precautions taken by the Aztecs to preserve the secret, from the sixteenth century this plant was first imported into Spain and then into the world.

It is this sweet tropical aroma that gives rise to the TOSCANELLO® Aroma Vaniglia cigar, an exotic encounter between fire-cured Kentucky tobacco and vanilla.


The mixture of tobaccos used for the filler is characterised by the use of light and delicate Kentucky mainly from Tuscany and Benevento, sweetened by a touch of foreign leaves selected for their organoleptic characteristics. This particular blend, combined with the light hazelnut-coloured Kentucky wrapper, contributes to achieving a cigar with an effortless draw and even burn.


When smoked, this cigar offers a high aromatic intensity, but which does not dominate the roasted and spicy notes typical of Kentucky. The taste is light, harmonious and balanced; the typical notes of vanilla give a particular sweet sensation accompanied by the creamy notes of caramel and maple.


The pod is the fruit of an orchid native to Mexico. Etymologically, the name vanilla derives from the Spanish vaina which in turn derives from the Latin vagina, which means sheath or pod..


Family: Flavoured amezzatti

Shape: Truncated cone

Filler: Foreign Kentucky

Wrapper: Foreign Kentucky