Toscanello Aroma Anice - Box of 5 or Single Cigar

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Anise is one of the most well-known spices and much used all over the world since ancient times. Its small, green and oval fruits have been used to flavour food and for the production of liqueurs, thanks above all to their unmistakable fresh aroma.

In 2001 it was decided for the first time to bring together the intense personality of Kentucky tobacco of TOSCANO® cigars with the fresh fragrance of aniseed, thanks to a particular process for adding fragrance to the filler.


The secret of the TOSCANELLO® Aroma Anice cigar recipe consists of a balanced combination of filler, made up of Italian and foreign Kentucky of different origins and leaf positions, and the hazelnut-coloured Kentucky wrapper, which gives the smoke a soft and delicate character.


When smoked, one immediately perceives a marked aromatic intensity accompanied by a good strength and density of smoke. From the first puff its extraordinarily sweet character merges clearly, typical of aniseed, and evolves into fresh notes as one progresses with the smoke.


This was the first aromatised TOSCANO® cigar.

Family: Flavoured amezzatti

Shape: Truncated cone

Filler: Italian and foreign Kentucky

Wrapper: Foreign Kentucky