Toscanello Aroma Cafe - Box of 5 or Single Cigar

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Its involuntary birth dates back to after the end of the Second World War—1948, to be precise—when there was a substantial surplus of TOSCANO®cigars. In order to promote their sale, it was decided to cut them in half and so reduce the price and facilitate their sale.

This practice quickly turned into a new fashion, that of smoking in the company of a friend, which led to the cigar’s nickname, the “friendship cigar”. Smokers immediately appreciated this new unusual format, which was appealing, less demanding and cheaper. It was a great success that for years ensured this was the highest-selling cigar on the Italian market.

The TOSCANELLO® cigar can, with good reason, be considered the progenitor of the “ammezzato” family and of the “modern era”, in which the limited time available imposes shorter breaks.


The particularity of the TOSCANELLO® arises from the prevalente of Italian Kentucky tobacco in a mixture of levels of leaf (apical and median) of rapid fermentation. This makes this a unique cigar with elating characteristics. The wrapper around the filler instead consists of smoke-cured Italian Kentucky.


The rapid phase of fermentation coupled with maturing of medium duration make the TOSCANELLO® cigars pleasantly angular in terms of taste, lively and firm in character, with a good body in the smoke and an aromatic intensity characterised by typical smoky and spicy notes.


This is one of the first cigars that neophytes smoke because of the great fame of this brand. From a point of view of taste and the impact of the smoke, it is advisable to start with cigars that, although natural, are less demanding.

Family: Flavoured amezzatti

Shape: Truncated cone

Filler: Italian and North American Kentucky

Wrapper: Italian Kentucky