Toscanello Aroma Cioccolato - Box of 5 or Single Cigar

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For the Maya, it was the “drink of the gods”, while for the Aztecs it was so precious as to become a currency. Chocolate has always been one of the flavours that has most intrigued and enthused people, above all thanks to its intense and persistent taste. From this passion was born the TOSCANELLO® Aroma Cioccolato cigar in 2008, which blends the seductive taste of chocolate with the unmistakable aroma of fire-cured Kentucky tobacco typical of TOSCANO®cigars.


The blend used for the filler features tobaccos predominantly from Tuscany and Benevento, completed with a touch of tobaccos the colour of a monk’s habit, giving a moderate impact and balanced character when smoked.


Once alight, the TOSCANELLO® Aroma Cioccolato releases all the aromatic intensity typical of cocoa. The smoky and pleasantly bitter notes are accompanied by scents of aromatic wood and roasting

Family: Flavoured amezzatti

Shape: Truncated cone

Filler: Italian and foreign Kentucky

Wrapper: Foreign Kentucky