Toscanello Aroma Grappa - Box of 5 or Single Cigar

  • $3.45


If there is one proudly Italian product in the world of spirits, that is definitely grappa. Whether produced with bain-marie or flowing steam stills, the tradition of the distillation of marc could not fail to be matched with the tradition of Italian cigars. From this union emerged the TOSCANELLO® Aroma Grappa cigar in 2005, a unique, typically Italian distillation of flavours.


The aroma of grappa combines with the typical smell of fermented and carefully selected Kentucky tobacco, giving life to a cigar full of personality. The filler presents a mixture of Kentucky from median leaves of Italian and foreign origin, enclosed in a wrapper of hazelnut-coloured Kentucky.


When smoked, it offers a strong aromatic intensity that highlights numerous positive nuances of taste and aroma, which evolve from spicy to dried fruit, from sweet to spicy

Family: Flavoured amezzatti

Shape: Truncated cone

Filler: Italian and foreign Kentucky

Wrapper: Foreign Kentucky