Toscanello Aroma Macchiato - Box of 5 or Single Cigar

  • $3.45


The TOSCANELLO® Rosso Caffè Macchiato offers the warm and comforting sensation of your morning coffee, mixed with the Dark Fired cured tobacco, with subtle hints of sweetness on the tip. The idea of ​​sweetening the cigar tip is a brilliant intuition of our blender. Thanks to his passion for continuous research and innovation, in 2010 he discovered that the addition of sugary notes to the tip of the cigar enhanced and reinvented the sensory experience.

This cigar uses a unique infusion process which gives birth to a cigar tha provides the consumer delicious look into the TOSCANO® fire cured tobacco with notes of espresso and sweetness.


The balanced character and the soft taste of the Kentucky of median leaf position, enhance the aromatic notes of the coffee, enclosed with a Kentucky wrapper of an intense hazelnut color. The particularity of the TOSCANELLO® Rosso Macchiato cigar lies in the process of sweetening the cigar tip: a secret recipe for a unique product of its kind.


From the first puff, the sweet and sugary notes on the tip of the cigar combined with the roasted coffee flavors. The smoke is characterized by the persistence of the sweet taste until the end of the cigar.