Toscano Originale

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In 1970 the state monopoly decided to abandon manual production in favour of machine-made cigars, but the directors of the Lucca factory kept on some cigar rollers who, in rotation, continued to produce small batches destined for the “diritto di cernita” (literally, the “sampling right”), which allowed the factory to sell some cigars directly and not via the state monopoly outlets.

Fortunately, in 1985, as a response to strong demand from consumers, it was decided to reactivate the sale of hand-made cigars, thus reintroducing the skilled work handed down from generation to generation by the cigar rollers of Lucca.


The American wrapper used in the production of the TOSCANO® Originale cigar results from a careful selection that takes place in the United States in the plantations of Kentucky and Tennessee in accordance with the requirements of Manifatture Sigaro Toscano.
The filler is obtained from a blend of the best Italian and North American leaves. The Italian part of the blend is carefully selected to have only the best of the production from the areas of the upper Tiber valley and a small part of raw materials from Verona and Pontecorvo.
The rest of the blend is ennobled by the “true American Kentucky”: the original seed grown in the best soil and climate conditions of the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.


The rolling of the tobacco by hand and the variability of dosage of filler and wrapper makes each cigar unique and unmistakable.
Smoked whole, the cigar has a more complete and gradual evolution, whereby the spicy taste and the smoky aroma develop continuously, giving off positive aromatic nuances.
When the cigar is smoked by halves, the spicy and smoky notes are immediately recognisable, the smoke is more intense and the body is rounded and satisfying.


Another feature that makes this cigar unique is the processing of the filler, which after being carefully fermented and mixed, is processed to obtain a “rougher” cut: a medium filler, thanks to which the taste gains in fullness and is satiating, rounded and satisfying

Family: Natural long

Shape: Double truncated cone

Filler: Italian and North American Kentucky

Wrapper: North American Kentucky